From single vehicles to complex fleets and from cars to heavy contracting plant and  HGVs.  At Capital and County we have considerable experience in adapting insurance solutions to fit a variety of needs.

Examples of the vehicles and fleets already looked after include

– Commercial fleets – Haulage and contractor fleets to sales and executive cars

– Commercial vehicles – For vans, minibuses and smaller fleets

– Special types (i.e. construction plant and adapted vehicles)

– Motor Trade outlets inclusive of customer and stock vehicles

As well as strong relationships with the well known commercial insurer brands we have access to the London market for those fleets, trades and risks that require a different perspective.

Close monitoring of insurer service and performance and challenging of claims reserves are part of our every day activity as is risk management guidance to drive down claim and insurance costs.  Unlike the majority of brokers who have watered down their claims support we continue to be proactive where motor insurance is concerned.


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