Why cyber and data insurance is becoming essential

How I yearn for the good old days of insurance broking.  Risk management meant fire and intruder alarms and good locks. Then it moved on to business continuity plans and strong Health & Safety systems. But now, if you use computers, and few do not, the risks faced have grown and the answers aren’t that simple.  But, as always, risk management and insurance solutions have emerged. The desire for hackers to get hold of information has been covered frequently in … Continue Reading →

Liability claims reforms – be prepared

The 1st of August sees the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal extended to include Employers and Public Liability, as well as Motor, personal injury claims where damages claimed are under £25,000.  Whilst this could have a positive impact on claims costs, ultimately improving premiums, the strict timescales applied could also catch a lot of businesses out.  In this article we look at the wider implications of these changes.   “Submitting a claim just pushes my premiums up”.  A phrase I’ve … Continue Reading →

Underinsured buildings, how strong are your foundations?

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  • 26 June, 2013
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80% of commercial properties assessed are found to be underinsured with the average level of  underinsurance being a massive 60%. For a £1m property that could mean a massive shortfall of £600,000. That same 60% is also  the average level of underinsurance found in residential properties as. Such shortcomings can be avoided. In this article we highlight not only the impact that underinsurance can have on unsuspecting business and home owners but also the frightening regularity with which it occurs. … Continue Reading →

Healthcare insurance & advice, Just what the doctor ordered

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  • 19 June, 2013
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Upwards of 150 million working days are lost each year to workplace absence with ill health costing an average employer 4.5% of annual payroll in direct and indirect costs.  CBI/AXA Absence and Labour Survey – Feb 2008. In this article we look at why Private Healthcare insurance is becoming a key tool in business prosperity and protection.   Why private health cover? Working with colleagues within our group we are able to offer access to a range of personal medical … Continue Reading →